Mulvane Fire Rescue (Mulvane, KS)
Mulvane Fire Rescue covers the City of Mulvane, and Sumner County Fire District #12. They also protect an 8 mile stretch of the Kansas Turnpike

Engine 401
2006 Freightliner
Gallons: 1,000
GPM: 1,750

Engine 402
2002 Freightliner FL-80
Gallons: 1,000
GPM: 1,250

Engine 403
1991 Smeal
GPM: 1,000

Pickup 405
1988 Ford F-250
Gallons: 300
GPM: 250
*formerly served in Arkansas City Fire Department

Tank 406
1972 6x6 Kansas Forestry Service
Gallons: 1,600
GPM: 400

Rescue 407
1999 Ford
Gallons: 200

"This truck responds to all 10-48's (MVA's), vehicle fires, and structure fires. It is set up with 200 gallons of water and 20 gallons of AFFF foam. It also carries a full compliment of rescue gear including Jaws, Air Bags, Reciprocating Saw, cribbing, & hand tools. It has a 2000 watt elevating "Stem Light" and can be called out for any night time emergency."
-Mulvane Emergency Service Website

Tender 408
2000 Freightliner
Gallons: 3,000
GPM: 500

Pickup 409
2005 Ford F-350
Gallons: 300
GPM: 250

Tank 412
1979 Kansas Forestry Service
Gallons: 2,000

2002 Ford F-250
This vehicle is used by the Captains and Duty Officers

2009 Chevy Tahoe
This vehicle is used as a command vehicle and back up Duty Officer

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