Cherryvale Fire Department
(Cherryvale, KS)
Cherryvale Fire Department is located in the town of Cherryvale. They have 6 paid firefighters and roughly 15 volunteers and respond to around 700 alarms/year.

Unit 501
1996 Pierce Saber
Serial #: E-9728
Gallons: 750
GPM: 1,500

Unit 502
2007 Pierce Custom Contender
Serial #: 18939
Gallons: 1,000
GPM: 1,250

Unit 503
2009 Dodge Ram 2500

Unit 504
1977 Swab/Chevy C65
Serial #: MDR-15 3556
*Former Millville, Delaware Vol. Rescue Squad 84-5 (SEE BELOW)

Unit 505
2012 Chevy G4500/American Response Vehicles
AEV Trauma Hawk

Former Unit 505
2003 Bruan/Ford E-450
*Sold to Caney, KS EMS

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