Eureka Fire Department

Eureka Fire Department is 100% all volunteer. It's located in the small town of Eureka, KS. They respond to calls inside the city limits. The rescue responds to calls in the entire county.

Engine 111
2001 Pierce/Kenworth
GPM: 1,250
Gallons: 750
Serial #: 12926

Engine 113
1973 American Fire/Ford 900
GPM: 1,000
Gallons: 500
Serial #: MC974

Engine 115
1995 Pierce/International
GPM: 1,000
Gallons: 750
Serial #: E-8973

Rescue 114
2005 Rescue One/Ford F-550
Responds to all rescue calls in Greenwood County

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Kingman Fire Department


Nov 11th, 2016
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