Fort Scott Fire Department
Station 1
(Fort Scott, KS)
The Fort Scott Fire Department consists of thirteen (13) career fire personnel and a reserve force of firefighters. We provide fire protection to the City of Fort Scott with extrication and rescue services extending into Bourbon County. Our services are provided to approximately 9,000 residents within the Fort Scott area. The total population of Bourbon County consists of approximately 15,000 residents. - Taken from Fort Scott Fire Department's website.

Engine 1
1997 E-One Cyclone II American Eagle Series
Gallons: 1,000
GPM: 1,250

Ladder 1
1993 E-One Hurricane 75'
Gallons: 300
GPM: 1,250

Reserve E2
1992 Central States-International
Gallons: 500
GPM: 1,250

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